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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bangkok Coffin Donation

Coffin Donation Bangkok
Ruamkatanyu Foundation (Bangkok) next to Wat Hua Lampong Temple near
PatPong Night Bazaar in Silom. beside Sam Yan MRT station

Getting There:  ruamkatanyu is open 24 hours
if you are in MBK or pratunam area, we strongly suggest take a taxi about $100 baht ($4 Singapore dollar) less than 30 mins to get there.

another coffin donation Poh Teck Tung Foundation near Chinatown (Yaowarat) nearest MRT is Hua Lamphong Station and take a taxi

Ruamkatanyu Foundation

Merit Making:Ruamkatanyu Foundation (Bangkok) – Offering a coffin for a good cause Making merit is a way of life for most Thai people. There are many ways of making merit in Thailand such as giving alms to monks and setting captured animals free?? but coffin donation is unique. An old Thai proverb says : if you do good you will receive good; if you do evil you will receive evil.

Making merit is a good way to accuminate good Karma for present and next life.

Besides paying respect to Four-Faced Buddha and Guan Yin Chao Mae, coffin donation to the less privileged has become part of travel routine in Bangkok.

Founded on 22 June Buddhist Era 2513, the Ruamkatanyu Foundation (Bangkok)  provides coffins to victims killed in accidents or murdered in the event that no one comes forward to make a claim or identify the body.

Making a Donation: 
Step 1 - The donation sum is voluntary and a donation of 500THB entitled a coffin and a piece of white cloth for the body. Go to the many receptions, they will advise you.  Just simply write your name or family members on the pink slip and you’ll receive your tax deductible receipt. Paste the pink slip on the yellow wooden coffin and make a prayer.

Step2 - Pick 20 joss-sticks and go outside the temple, prayed and place the joss-sticks into the labeled urns. 

Step3 - prayed and burn away the official receipt. 

CONGRATULATION !!! you have done a good merit.  the good feeling cannot be explained in words

As a Buddhist, I believe in Karma. Let’s make this world a better place by giving

HOW TO GET THERE:  open 24 hours Ruamkatanyu Foundation is located above San Yan Station (Underground subway) next to Wat Lampong Temple (note next station is hua lamphong station which has another temple on coffin donation but closed at 5pm). The Foundation is within walking distance from PatPong Night Bazaar in Silom.

if you are in pratunam aread, taxi will cost BHT100 about sin$4 to get there.

Coffin Donation - Poh Teck Tung Foundation (near chinatown) - nearest mrt is hua lamphong station and take a taxi
Poh Tech Tung Foundation. Founded in 1910, this charity organization has been established by Dr. Utain Techapaiboon for arranging funerals for unidentified corpses, such as accident victims. Supported by Thai Chinese living in Yaowarat, Bangkok’s Chinatown, people from all walks of life step forward to offer a helping hand. Each coffin is 650 Baht (about S$28 or US$20.00) as compared with 500 Baht at Ruamkatanyu Foundation.

  650 baht or S$26 to donate a coffin

do not bring back the receipt,  prayed and burn the coffin receipt

Getting There:
take train to Hua Lamphong Station and take a taxi.
Contact Information:
Poh Teck Tung Foundation
326 Chao Kam Rop Road
Pomprabsatrupai Bangkok 10100
Tel: 0-2225-0020, 0-2225-3211, 0-2623-0545-52 Fax: 0-2226-2567
Open 7am-5pm daily (pls check with them)



  1. Chinese name of Ruamkatanyu Foundation is 泰国义德善堂

    1. thank you so much for sharing the information

    2. hi, Wondering is it a one time donation or we need follow up / come back every year ?

      thanks first.

  2. How to donate money to pohtecktung?

    1. go to the counter there. the person there all can speak chinese or teochew one. donating now is all that balt. donate, then take the receipt go burn.

  3. Replies
    1. get a friend who is going to bangkok to do on your behalf
      it is very common

  4. How can I donate if I'm in Malaysia?

  5. is there anyway to donate directly from Singapore..?? i'm very interested to donate to help them, so i would like to find out is there any way to donate directly from Singapore..


    1. you can get a friend going to bangkok to do on your behalf

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  7. Replies
    1. great feeling ??? i strongly recommend you do the fish feeding at sepak thasin pier another good merits, more info at my blog,

    2. Sound good, may i have the address or any sky train would reach there ?

  8. just went toRuamkatanyu Foundation. done coffin donation. feel great can do that.

  9. just went toRuamkatanyu Foundation. done coffin donation. feel great can do that.

  10. can donate online at

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