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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bangkok Shopping - my favourite places

my favourite shopping bangkok -

Honey Factory

Leather Factory

Big-C Hypermarket (formerly Carrefour)

Many branded toiletries such as NIVEA, Colgate and etc are made in Thailand.

Below Factories included in your FREE half day city tour:

1300 baht about SIN$52
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Bee Pollen
Bee Pollen is the reproductive spore of the plant. it is incredibly dense with plant nutrients. The phytonutrients found in bee pollen include bioactive compounds like enzymes, bioflavonoid, phytosterois and carotenoids. Bee pollen also contains free amino acids, fatty acids with a good proportion of Omega 3’s, naturally chelated minerals and whole vitamin complexes.
  1. Dietary balance: taken with food in the morning / a natural vitamin complexes
  2. On diet : as breakfast preferably taken with lime juice or a piece of fruit. The fruit fibers reinforce the activity of the fresh pollen.
  3. Menstrual problem // incretion disorder: Enhance the skin well being, reduce fleck, hair-lose.
  4. Intestinal transit problem, constipation.
dry and cool place, avoid long time exposure to strong light.

1000 baht about SIN$40


Special pure honey collected from the herbal flowers in Golden Triangle Mountains. clinically proven for treatment of mouth ulcer, stomach ulcers, external ulcers ( arms, legs etc.) also used to treat insomnia.
  1. Sore throat or chronic sore throat: take one spoon of honey into the throat and hold it until minutes. Take a few times a day. Or, drink honey water in the morning and evening regularly.
  2. Wound / or Burns : apply honey to wounded area for treating inflammation and avoiding scar.
  3. Lose of voice/ Hot and dry throat : drink honey water with lemon juice.
  4. Insomnia or Neurasthenia : drink honey with warm water, drink before bedtime.
Constipation and intestinal disorder: drink honey with warm water

Leather Factories
Pratuman Platinum Mall or Chinatown
Good Prawn Sauce for Fruits (Green Mango) - available in supermarket

Zebra Wares - Wholesaler at The Palladium Mall diagonally The Platinum Mall opposite
 Pratunam Market

Dry Flower for Buddha Praying

only 30 baht Pineapple + etc for buddha praying

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