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Friday, February 5, 2016

how to welcome god of wealth

What You Need To Know About the Reception of the God of Wealth

  • The God of Wealth incense papers are available at all incense shops. The portrait of the God of
    Wealth should be pasted at an appropriate position and not on the bathroom door, near garbage
    bin or female apparels. This year 2016, it is best positioned in the East of the living room, facing the West.
  • Ideal areas for reception are outside the main door or at the balcony. It can also be done in the house but all clothing must be kept beforehand.
  • Long joss sticks are preferred. After prayers, joss sticks must be placed in the incense urn in the house.
  • If there is none, they should be left to burn in the living room.
  • Worshipper must take a bath beforehand to show sincerity. The altar table should be cleaned with water and wiped dry. The table should be situated 1, 2, 3, 8 or 9 feet away from the main door, but there is no restriction if the ritual is performed at the balcony (windows must be opened) or HDB corridor. It should preferably face an open space.
  • It is best to present the “God of Wealth Wish Card” with your name, age, address and wish written on it when you offer your respects to the God of Wealth. Write “丙申年值年财神恩赐” on the top right-hand corner of the card and “治子” or “信女” followed by your name on the bottom left-hand corner. This card should be burnt together with incense papers, which is bestdone outside your house.
  • After reception, you must walk backwards upon entering the house. While you proceed to paste the portrait of the God of Wealth, it is best to take 3 or 8 steps. Other options include 13, 23, 33 or 18, 28 or 38 steps.
  • Regardless of whether there are other deities in the residence, last year’s God of Wealth portrait should be burnt together with some incense papers before reception.

Time and Ceremony for the Reception of the God of Wealth

  • 0100 hrs – Have a bath to cleanse yourself.
  • 0115 hrs – Pay respects to the deities that you worship in the house and the God of Heaven [天公] (if any).
  • 0130 hrs – Arrange the items needed for worshipping.
  • 0140 hrs – Make a wish and seek blessings with joss sticks. All family members may do so except those
    whose zodiac signs are in conflict.
  • 0215 hrs – Display the portrait of the God of Wealth at the instructed position. Place the joss sticks in the
    incense urn at home. If there is none, leave them to burn in the living room.
  • 0240 hrs – Burn the incense papers in a container in front of the main entrance.

Offerings for the Reception of the God of Wealth

  • 3 types of sweet cakes
    – Nian Gao [年糕], Jin He [进合] and Fa Gao [发糕]
  • 5 types of fruits
    – Bananas, oranges, pears, Chinese pears
    and pineapple
  • 6 vegetarian dishes (Own preference)
  • 5 cups of Chinese tea
  • 5 cups of white rice wine
  • 1 set of God of Wealth incense papers
    (available at incense shops)
  • 3 peaches

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