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Sunday, May 25, 2014

gum disease DO NOT take risk - how to prevent gum disease

Gum disease DO NOT take risk,  use gum interdental brush NOW !!!
as you age, your gum is easily infested which resulted your tooth easily bent or drop off.
to prevent gum problems, doctor strongly recommended the use of interdental small brush to have healthy gum
for a package of 10 qty , it will costs about sin$5
i understand in japan or korea, it is very CHEAP.  buy when you holiday there !!!!
Gum disease is caused by plaque which accumulates around the gums and in susceptible people causes a gap or pocket to appear between the tooth and the gum. If left untreated the bone around the teeth dissolves away and a tooth affected by gum disease may show signs of bleeding gums, looseness, spaces appear around neighbouring teeth, swelling and discomfort.

Poor tooth cleaning, plaque and red gums

Smoking worsens both the severity and prognosis of gum disease. If you are susceptible to gum disease a small amount of plaque causes a lot of problems.

Cleaning daily with floss or interdental brushes is ESSENTIAL to maintain gum health

Treatment of gum disease is targeted to attempt to optimise your tooth cleaning (plaque control) via effective brushing and interdental cleaning and to scale away historical debris. Sometimes the gum disease is too advanced for simple treatment to be effective so gum surgery is needed to clean away debris effectively

Long term follow up and continued high standards of tooth cleaning are ESSENTIAL to keep gum disease under control. If this tooth cleaning slips significantly the gum disease will re-establish itself. If gum disease is left untreated multiple teeth will be lost via gum disease in the fullness of time.


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