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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Guangzhou China - best eating place and cusine

My favourite eating places in Guangzhou

Shang Xia Jiu Lu Pedestrian Street 上下九步行街 (a MUST visit place for famous foods and shopping) 4 famous old restaurant and several famous eating house. - your first stop in Guangzhou 

Directions: Take MTR to Changshou Lu station. 15 minutes walking distance away from Dishifu Road. Suggest you asked how to get to Shang Xia Jiu Lu.

Shangxia Jiu Lu Pedestrian Street is located in the Liwan District. On this street lie more than 200 stores, and guangzhou famous restaurants and teahouses. Shangxia Jiu Lu is restricted to pedestrians only.

Be sure to go to Shangxia Jiu Lu. Even if you don't buy anything, just walking along it you will feel the cultural atmosphere.

Famous Restaurants and Eating place in Shang Xia Jiu:

Guangzhou Restaurant 广州酒家 (Strongly Recommended)

Guangzhou Restaurant 广州酒家 (RECOMMEND)
Daily 7am-3pm, 5-9pm. (crowd started queing at 4pm)
Guangzhou Restaurant owned 19 subsidiaries. The specialties include Wen Chang Chicken, Kapok Duck, Deep Fried Duck Palm, and Three-colored Lobster. Besides, the moon cakes of Guangzhou Restaurant are also very famous.

Guangzhou Restaurant was founded in 1935, with operating Cantonese famous, known as "Eating in Guangzhou's first" reputation, the main business catering services and food industry, the company was the Ministry of Commerce as "China's top ten food and beverage brands." , has won the "old Chinese", "National Customer Satisfaction service enterprises", "advanced unit of spiritual civilization", "National Labor Award" and other honors, in 2012 was awarded the "China famous Brand" title.

Famous Sausage Shop Huang Shang Huang Beside Guangzhou Restaurant

Beside Guangzhou Restaurant is the famous Huang Shang Huang Shop (皇上皇腊味店, well-known for its sausage meat and others)

Taotao Ju Jiujia (陶陶居 Restaurant)

Taotao Ju Jiujia (陶陶居 Restaurant)
Add: No. 20, Di Shi Fu Lu, Guangzhou

Tao Tao Ju built in year 1880 already exists for more than 120 years. It is the earliest luxury restaurant in Guangzhou. A summerhouse at the top of the building was the best place of Guangzhou to admire the beautiful moon for a long time. There are a lot of famous and great persons have been to this restaurant such as Lu Xun-the founder of modern baihua literature, Ba Jin-one of the most important and widely-read Chinese writers of the 20th century, Cheng Can Yun, Liu Hai Su and so on. The signboard was beautiful calligraphy of Kang Youwei-a famous Chinese scholar noted calligrapher and prominent thinker and reformer of the later Qing Dynasty. Tao Tao Ju restaurant can enable you have the most authentic Cantonese cuisine. The specialty here is "Tao Tao Ginger and Shallot Chicken". Tao Tao Ju is not only for dishes, but also for its cookies. It has made cookies for more than one hundred years.

Taotaoju Restaurant is one of the most famous tea restaurants in Guangzhou and has a history of more than 100 years. Among the various dim sums available, highly recommended are the shrimp dumplings (虾饺), crispy durian cakes (榴莲酥), chicken claws (凤爪), steamed creamy custard buns (奶黄包), stewed milk bean curd (双皮奶), and beef meatballs. China Highlights advises that you order in advance if possible.

Great Dim Sum also their famous foods

Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant

Lian Xiang Lou opened in 1889 and sits in the west part of Guangzhou city. It is reputed as the "mooncake No.1 for Lotus Seed Paste and a famous restaurant beside the shop". Lian Lian Xiang Lou is one of the most famous places for moon cakes. Its moon cakes sell far away to other countries to South Asia, America,

Shang Xia Jiu pedestian street famous eating house:

Nanxin Eating House

Nanxin Shuang Pi Nai Eating House 南信双皮奶 (China, Guangzhou), also great for noodles and etc

Nanxin Shuang Pi Nai 南信双皮奶 is a dessert made from a mixture of milk (water buffalo to be exact), egg white and sugar. Apparently, water buffalo milk is used because only water buffalo milk can coagulate when cooled.

Jiang Zhuang Nai 南信姜撞奶 or Ginger Milk Curd RMB10 ($2). The Ginger Milk Curd is made by pouring milk into ginger juice at a certain temperature. Once this is done properly, chemistry reaction (between the milk and ginger) takes place and the milk (liquid) starts its transition and becomes solid (pudding like). it is best taken in winter and is known to help get rid of cold.

Nanxin Shuang Pi Nai 南信双皮奶 (China, Guangzhou)
47号 Dishifu Road, Liwan
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Tel: +86 20 8138 9904

another famous eating house in Shang Xia Jiu 荔湾名食家 -  opp Singapore Bee Cheng Heng Shop

Liwan Famous Food Restaurant
99 Dishifu Rd, Liwan, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

荔湾区第十甫路99号1楼 (近上九路)

+86 20 8171 2580

Strongly recommended:  10 ingredients porridge, black rice desert. and more (see menu those with a red star beside the foods)

For an authentic slice of Cantonese life, try Liwan Famous Food Restaurant. Dishes served are staple Guangzhou favourites including porridge, wonton and changfen

西关人家 Xi Guan Ren Jia in Shang Xia Jiu Lu

西关人家 Xi Guan Ren Jia
Dim Sum Restaurant and Chinese Restaurant

at Dexing Rd. & Kangwang Rd. (at 4/F of Liwan Plaza North Tower), Guangzhou, Shang Xia Jiu area

Xiguang Ren Jia is the paradise of Guangdong snacks. It is a very nice Cantonese flavor restaurant with reasonable price. 

The famous chicken dish here is "Qing Ping Chicken". Well known Guangzhou dim sums are the specialties here such as Double Skin Milk, Ji Di Zhou (congee), Yuntun Mian (wonton) and Jiang Zhuang Nai. Some dim sum has a history of one hundred years.


dont forget to visit following in shang xia jiu pedestrian street:

Lianxiang Lou (莲香楼), Qingping Restaurant (清平饭店), Wenchang Chicken (文昌鸡), Huangshanghuang Sausage (皇上皇腊肠), Nanxin Desserts (南信甜品), Yin's Canteen (银记), Quxiang Cakes and so on.

Hua Lin Street near shang xia jiu. This street was built in the year 1870 and is a jade ornament street. It is home today to some of the most popular jade markets in China and has more than a thousand shops selling jade at several different price ranges. Hualin Temple is another attraction on this street. It is a Buddhist temple that was built in the year 527 AD and is known best for the Five Hundred Arahats Hall that houses 500 Buddha statues in various forms. While the temple once used to be quite large, it is much smaller today due to the expanding business area

Lao Xiguan Food City 老西关美食城 (famous congee in boat)

老西关美食城 (near hualin temple)
Lao Xiguan Food City
293 Kangwang South Rd, Liwan, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China ‎
tel: +86 20 3102 2070 ‎

Metro to Liwan: Line1, Line5 and Guangfo Line across the entire Liwan District.

Old Xiguan Food City, 3/F Huanlin Jade Plaza B Hall, 293 Kangwang Nan Rd.

Their dishes are rooted in a venerable culinary tradition unique to the area, one which demonstrates both the ingenuity and spirituality of their ancestors. Meals such as the Pan Tang Wu Xiu, a buttery seafood salad composed of five sacred ingredients, originate in fertility foods believed to speed the birth of son. Besides, the famous Boating Congee, for example, began by turning small, unsalable fish into a rich, creamy stew. Other noted desserts are: egg tarts and ginger-milk pudding, which are both made with yak's milk from a private farm in the suburb; the most popular Dim sum include: dumplings with prawn, rice rolls with either vegetable or pork, glutinous balls made from sweet potato or sweet corn, and many more.

Wenji Yixin Restaurant - famous for chicken
WenJi Yixinji Restaurant

Opening Hours: 1100-2300 Daily
Wenji Restaurant (文记壹心鸡), 10 Boahua Road, Liwan District (荔湾区宝华路旋源桥10号) (Exit A Metro 1 Changshou Lu; Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street), ☎ +86 20 8172-8887.

Wenji Yixin (Single-hearted) Chicken – (formerly known as Qingping Chicken)
Qingping Chicken was the signature dish of the Qingping Restaurant in Guangzhou's historic western downtown area, ranked in the top 10 provincial chicken dishes in 1993. Qingping Chicken is cooked in seasoned brine, which gives lively flavors to the skin, meat and even the bones.

This is a fresh chicken, but not chilled or frozen. Skin is thin and there is no jelly fat between skin and meat layers. Meat is naturally bouncy, juicy, and rich in chicken flavour.

Some years ago the Qingping Restaurant closed down, but its kitchen team went en-masse to the newly-established Wenji Restaurant in Baohua St., keeping Qingping Chicken alive under a new name, "Wenji Yixin Chicken".

Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street 北京路步行街  - Foods Street and Shopping

Crossing over the north end of Beijing Lu stretches Zhongshan Wu Lu (中山六路), a lively copy of Beijing Lu that has not been pedestrianized. There, the Xindaxin Department Store and newly-built Mayflower Plaza (五月花广场) – a bustling connection to the Gongyuanqian (公园前) subway station – feature a variety of vogue merchandise and fashionable brands.

For more ahopping destinations in Guangzhou check out

Xihu (西湖) and Huifudong (惠福东) are two other Beijing Lu crossings that offer many shopping options, including the Mingsheng Mall (名胜广场) on Xihu and a large selection of children's stores on Huifudong.

Running parallel to Beijing Lu lies Wende Lu (文德路), an area packed with shops carrying copies of paintings, photos, frames and various other items for home decoration.

Beijing Lu
South of the intersection where Zhongshan 5 becomes Zhongshan 4.

How to go there:
Metro: get off at gongyuan qian station and head out exit C and walk straight for 2 short blocks

1. Avoid individuals who solicit pirated DVDs and imitation goods or lot of Fake watches that they will show you, in fact most of the fake watch is from the Guangzhou watch market, low price, but they sell the people with high price. Don’t follow anyone into the small dark alleys in between buildings to see their goods.

2. Remember to visit Mayflower Plaza (五月花广场 wǔ-yuè-huā-guǎng-chǎng) at 68 Zhongshan 5 Lu (中山五路68号), at the northern end of the Pedestrian Street. This is a place where young people hang out and shop. (Metro 1, 2 Gong Yuan Qian station – Exits C, D)

3 .However many sellers give discounts so don’t be shy about haggling.(how to barging in Guangzhou)

Beijing Pedestrian Street - Famous Foods - Lemon and Tiger Prawn Vietamese Restaurant

Lemon and Tiger Prawn Vietamese Restaurant - Best Vietamese Restaurants in Guangzhou
大头虾越式风味餐厅 Tiger Prawn Vietnamese Rest.

惠福东路548号, Guangzhou, Guangdong
548 Huifu East Rd, Yuexiu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
+86 20 8319 1277

Hong Xing Seafoods - Guangzhou famous live-seafood restaurant

How to go there ?
Line 2 at Haizhu Square Station , Exit A, Turn Left ,about 3 minutes .
Address: No. 2 Qiaoguan Road Yuexiu district 越秀区侨光路2号
Booking no: (020) 83301138

Beijing Dong Lai Shuan Famous HOTpot in Guangzhou

Beijing Dong Lai Shuan Famous HOTpot in  Guangzhou
Beijing Dong Lai Shun Restaurant

Daily 11am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm. No cards.1)Mei Zhon Blg, 338 Heng Fu Lu
(8358 6998 ext 3578); 2)408 Bin Jiang Zhong Lu, Hai Zhu District (3428 3431)

广东广州店 广州天河区恒福路338号梅州大厦二层 020-83586596

广东珠海店 珠海市吉大情侣南路453号九洲花园正门侧

Shenzhen Famous Hotpot little lamb - branch in Guangzhou

广州桥南店 广州番禺区市桥桥南街南郊路199二层 020-39292558
Branches in Guangzhou:
广州大北店 广州市番禺区市桥镇环城中路99号小肥羊 020-84886185
广州林乐路店 广州市天河区林和街317号(耀星华庭)二层小肥羊连锁 020-38217746
广州五羊店 广州市越秀区五羊新城寺右新马路131号深华大厦小肥羊连锁 020-87395778
广州小北店 广州市越秀区小北路185号鹏源发展大厦2楼 020-83544158
广州东晓店 广州市海珠区东晓路小肥羊广州市海珠区东晓路38号东银大厦三层 020-34289078
广州盈丰路店 广州市海珠区盈丰路9号201房 020-61238932
广州哈街店 广州番禺区市桥桥南街南郊路199 二层 020-39292558
广州远景路店 广州市白云区远景路14号201A房 020-36747268
广州丰乐南店 广州市黄埔区黄埔东路266号城建怡港大厦2楼

Hong Kong Famous Roast Meat Restaurant with branch in Guangzhou
Guangzhou Tai Hing 太興 (
地址: 硚口区中山大道238号凯德广场4楼(近武胜路)
  • 电话: 027-83621129

  • take train to huangsha station and exit to metropolitan plaza (4th floor)

    From a small fast-food eatery serving siu-mei (roast food), Tai Hing Roast has grown into a restaurant chain with over 30 shops all around Hong Kong, China (Guangzhou, Shenzhen) and Singapore, including Tai Hing Roast Restaurant and Tai Hing New Century. Be surprised by elements of modern dining fused with the essence of traditional cuisine, and enjoy their signature roasts meat as well as milk tea, Western dishes and Chinese specialties.

    Da Tong Restaurant - Opp Pearl River
    Da Tong Restaurant is located on the Changdi Avenue, a bustling section of Guangzhou.

    Adress: No. 63, Yanjiang Rd., West, GZ
    Tel: 020-81885933

    Occupying all eight stories of an old riverfront building with an open terrace on the top floor, this restaurant is popular with locals all hours of the day, so arrive early to be guaranteed a seat. The atmosphere is chaotic and noisy, but the morning and afternoon dim sum is well worth it, especially for the low prices. Famous dishes include stewed chicken feet (delicious, we'll have you know), crispy-skin chicken, and roasted duck.

    signature dishes of Da Tong Restaurant are Crisp-skinned Chicken and Golden Roasted Sucking Pig. The Da Tong Custard Tart is the most famous among its pastries.

    Nan Yuan Restaurant 南园酒家

    Nan Yuan Restaurant 南园酒家
    142, Qianjin Rd, haizhu district
    Tel: +86 20 8444 9211

    Nan Yuan Restaurant is located on Qianjin Street in the Haizhu District. It is one of the three garden-style restaurants in Guangzhou and was founded in 1958. Its specialties are in Cantonese and Chaozhou cuisine and dishes include protect country dish, Buddha jumping over the wall, stewed wild goose, bean paste chicken, sliced beef, brined vegetable pork steak soup, and bamboo cream chicken.

    Pan Xi Restaurant 泮溪酒家

    Pan Xi Restaurant
    151 Longjin West Rd, Liwan, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
    Tel: +86 20 8181 5718, 8172-1328, 8172-2788

    Pan Xi Restaurant offers many different types of dim sum. It is a large-scale garden-style restaurant, located on the bank of Li Wan Lake. It occupies an area of 12,000sqm and is the site of Chang Hua Garden, an imperial garden of the Nan Han Dynasty. The scenery of the park is elegant and refined, described as a 'Complete symphonic poem of eastern architectural art'. Pan Xi Restaurant ranks the highest of the three garden-style restaurants in Guangzhou.

    This restaurant was where all foreign dignitaries and Chinese Government Leaders would go. Including Deng Xiao Ping. It has a history that predates a number of dynasty before it was transformed into a restaurant over 80 years ago.

    It is set on a lake and part of one of Guangzhou's more famous eat streets. Close to antique street and Ren Wei Temple its very popular with tourists.

    Its a very large restaurant with over 3000 seating however there is still a line up on weekends. Famous for its Yum Cha and Dim Sims, its defintely worth a visit. If your lucky book a table in one of the private dining rooms that still have the same decor from over 80 years ago, where a number of leaders have had their banquets.

    Guangzhou Bei Yuan Restaurant 北園

    Guangzhou Bei Yuan Restaurant 北園
    202 Xiaobei Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
    Tel: +86 20 8356 3365
    Hours: 11:00 - 14:30, 17:30 - 22:30 / Weekends and holidays 9:00 - 10:45

    Bei Yuan Cuisine (北園) is known as one of the three garden restaurants in Guangzhou, China. The other two are Panxi (泮溪酒家) and Nan Yuan (南園).

    The Cantonese seem to be the most raucous of all Chinese, and the main restaurant choices for classic Cantonese food, or for dim sum, are bedlam.
    The Bei Yuan Restaurant dates from the 1920s, although the current two-story building with courtyards is newer, built around a garden and pond. There’s dim sum here all day (about ¥4/50¢/25p per steamer) and a generous menu of Cantonese classics, with some English translations. Try huadiao zhu ji (chicken cooked in yellow wine — although some might argue this is really a Zhejiang dish), tang cu su rou (sweet-and-sour pork), and jiuhuang rou si (sliced pork with yellow chives). There is a separate dining hall serving Chiu Chow cuisine from eastern Guangdong: it goes in for piquant sauces and its chefs have a famous way with goose and duck.

    It claimed that it wanted to be the garden for people of Guangzhou; after being renovated, everything such as its unique classic style structure, its pavilions, and its ambiance are still the same, but not its food quality which is greatly reduced.

    The typically garish carpets, screens, and chandeliers are in odd contrast to a central green space. There are twin entrances — the left is for the traditional Cantonese dishes; the right is for a Chaozhou (Chiu Chow) restaurant, with the roast goose dishes typical of that area of northeast Guangdong.

    The specialties of Bei Yuan Restaurant are Oiled Shelled Shrimp. Suburbs Fish Head, Duck Palm in Oyster Sauce, Fried Chicken Breast, Sweet-Scented Balls Roasted Goose, Sauted Chicken in Rice Wine, Fish with Pine Nuts, and Fragrance Fulfill the Jug. The special pastry include Lingnan Litchi, Mint with Lotus, Jade Pineapple, and Watermelon Cream Jelly. The flavor is really wonderful.

    more info at:

    Guangzhou Bing Sheng (炳勝品味)
    Bing Sheng (炳勝品味) (天河分店)

    Flag ship Restaurant:
    Add: At the southern foot of Haiyin Bridge, 33, Dong Xiao Rd., Haizhu District
    Tel: 020-34286910, 34286911

    Tianhe Dong Branch
    Add: 168, Tianhe Rd. East , Tianhe District
    Tel: 020-87518683, 87518682

    Wufeng Branch
    Add: 1-4 F, Wufeng Hotel, 438, Jiangnan Dadao Blvd South . Haizhu District
    Tel: 020-84472844, 84244611


    more info at:

    First and foremost, remember to make a reservation if you’re planning to dine here

    Bing Sheng is a wonderful Cantonese Restaurant that has multiple levels for different functions: private dining, group dining, dining in main area with everyone else, and a nice lounge. The service is great and the food fantastic! I really like how their menu has pictures of almost everything they have on offer making it actually even more difficult to decide on something because everything looks (and actually are) delicious!

    Order the dual Cha siu - the darker version served with the lighter version. The darker version has the white pork meat, a layer of fat and the caramelised crust. The light brown version is predominantly fat. It comes at rmb 68 and serves 2-3. Arrive and order by 6:30 pm as it sells out fast. All the best for your Cha Siu order.


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