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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Travel Tips and Travel Indurance

Travel Tips - Make your holiday fun and memorable. FORGET about WORK !!!, focus on your travel, you supposed to have fun and relax.

Pack in advance NO NO last minute, open your travel/luggage bag 2 weeks in advance and start putting things in the bag - Best if you have a travel checklist

Plan your trip on daily basis with a checklist on where to visit and what to do, Check internet for info, especially those on free and easy travel

Bring EXTRA sd cards for your camera. it can be expensive or fake sd card when purchase in overseas.

1. Clothing - Travel light and do not pack EVERYTHING you don't need (as a guide 2-3 sets of clothing). If you need something, you'll be able to buy it on the road.

You will be buying things back and airlines excess luggage overweight is very EXPENSIVE.

Check your airlines, some airlines only allow one check-in luggage with max 20-25kg.

Carry your valuables and essential in your hand-carry bag to the plane - DO NOT put in your check-in luggage.

2. Have warm clothing (jacket or sweater) on the airplane or tour bus as it is very cold and you may get sick.

3. Avoid jetlag and air sickness by drinking plenty of water and no alcohol intake; sticking with a bland diet; try to get some sleep on the airplanes.

4. NO expensive jewellery or items. It is best to leave your jewellery at home - the richer you look, the more of a target you'll become for pick-pocketers. You also might want to dress similar and blend in with the locals.

do not create unnecessary stress for yourself trying to worry where is your expensive items and etc

5. Currency and Credit Card
Carry the correct forms of currency and exchange just enough money to cover your expenses. There's nothing worse than being stuck in a new country on your first day with no local currency.

DO NOT carry too many credits card (maximum 2) also take note of your credit cards detail and credit card lost contact telephone.

Remember to inform or activate your credit cards for overseas use.

6. Proper clothing for visiting temples and etc. Respect the culture of local customs. Some countries, especially in the Middle East and Asia, dress more conservatively than many Western Countries. You shouldn't wear shorts or sleveless tops in these places, so ensure you have some other forms of clothing packed in your bag.

7. Be educated about where you are going and always read up on the city before you get there. It pays to know a little about the basics such as transportation, weather and an orientation of the city.

8. Plenty of mineral water, multi-vitamins and some travel medicine.
drink plenty of water to avoid get sick or dehyrate and take multi-vitamin. buy extra mineral water from the supermarkets.

9. Moisturer - Great to keep your skins in tip top conditions and a MUST HAVE during winter to prevent skin itchy.

10. Hat and extra travel foldable bag - to protect against the sun or cold. Extra foldable bag great for shopping (most supermarket charge for plastic bags or hands-carry to plane.

11. Shoes - comfortable shoes for men and ladies. "flat shoes" is prefer. never wear NEW SHOES

my advice especially ladies avoid carrying handbag or expensive handbag or your tablet/ipad, this attract theft attention. Maybe a small simple handbag to store your impt items.

Pack liquid in air-tight bag or keep in your check-in luggage.

Travelling should not be overwhelming or dangerous. In fact it should be one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences in your life.

Travel Insurance: most travel insurance allow you to claim one week after you are back home and need medical.

Tiger airways Delayed/damaged baggage.

the delayed or damaged baggage MUST BE REPORTED to a member of the Tigerair ground services team prior to leaving the airport. Baggage claims cannot be dealt with after you have left the airport, so please provide details of your baggage and you will be offered assistance.

If your baggage is delayed then Tigerair will arrange for it to be delivered to the destination airport, within a reasonable period of time.

International flights
Should you need to make a claim for damaged baggage then this must be done in writing within 7 (seven) days of your arrival. If your claim relates to the delay of checked baggage, you must notify us in writing within twenty-one days of arrival. All claims for damaged or delayed baggage are to be addressed to:

Tigerair Baggage Claims
Charles Taylor Aviation
140 Cecil Street
#15-00 PIL Building
Singapore 069540
Fax: (+65) 6423 0150

Jetatar Delayed/damaged baggage.

In the unlikely event that your Checked or Cabin Baggage is lost or damaged, you can seek assistance from a staff member at a Jetstar Baggage Counter at your arrival airport or the Jetstar Service Desk if there is no Baggage Counter available. In the case of damaged baggage, you will need to present the item to a staff member to assess the damage.

Otherwise, you need to make a claim in writing within the time limits imposed by legislation and international conventions governing airline liability. These are the time-frames:

Domestic flights:

3 days for damaged baggage.
21 days for delayed or lost baggage.
International flights:

7 days for damaged baggage.
21 days for delayed or lost baggage.
Once again, if the claim involves damaged baggage, a Jetstar representative may need to view the item before the claim can be approved. Baggage Claims or Queries should be submitted in writing via our Baggage. more info and contacts, pls visit jetstar website.

Some Travel Insurance Companies in Singapore

most banks will work with travel insurance companies and offered discounts and gifts.  (market other companies travel insurance) (worked with banks and travel airlines)

below partial benefits:  following is important - hospital, flight cancel, Oversea Hospital stay, Medical Emergency Evacuation and etc
check their website for special promotions and discount !!!

Great for those who only want Travel Medical Coverage Only - $22 with options for add-on 

Great for those who only want Travel Medical Coverage Only - $22

Please check Tiger Airways for latest info

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