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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shanghai - great place for Sightseeing, Shopping & Foods

Shanghai BIG BUS TOUR (strongly recommended)
a good quick overview of Shanghai.
- hop on/off bus double decker about rmb300

- Unlimited use of 48-hour ticket during operational hours
- Free one hour cruise along the Huangpu River
- Audio commentary in 8 languages (complimentary set of earphones are provided)
- Entry to Jin Mao Tower (88th floor, observation deck)

Enjoy magnificent views from the open-top double decker buses as you see Shanghai's 1,000-year-story come to life!

The tour charts the city's history, taking in beautiful tree-lined streets, magnificent colonial style buildings and soaring skyscrapers.

This tour has been carefully designed to take you to all the famous landmarks in Shanghai; from the Jade Buddha temple to the Oriental Pearl Television Tower, from People's Square to the Bund, Shanghai's world famous waterfront.

The open-top buses run regularly and you are able to hop on and off at a variety of interesting places. Your 48-hour ticket provides access to all tour routes. Together, these tour routes enable you to experience the cultural heritage and stunning architecture that makes Shanghai such a fascinating city!

Please sit back, relax and let us deliver you the perfect introduction to Shanghai.

Tour Highlights
- The Bund
- Jade Buddha Temple
- Shanghai World Financial Centre
- Xintiandi
- Yu Garden
- Nanpu Bridge
- Oriental Pearl Television Tower
- Shanghai Museum
- Jing'an Temple
- Jinmao Tower
- Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street


Departs from People's Square every 30 minutes from 09:00 until 17:00

The City Tour is an excellent introduction to the city and takes in a number of Shanghai's most popular attractions.

The City Tour has been carefully designed to give you insight into Shanghai's heritage and culture. It provides the opportunity to discover the beautifully restored traditional houses of Xin Tin Di; now a thriving restaurant district, and gems such as the Yu Garden; a haven of peace and tranquility.

You'll discover Shanghai's distinctive blend of traditional and contemporary buildings. Traveling along The Bund, you'll have striking views of both the grand colonial style buildings along the waterfront and the towering modern skyline on the opposite side of the Huangpu river.

The tour also reveals the city's green spaces in People's Square and provides the opportunity to hop-off for shopping on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street.

BLUE ROUTE Pudong Tour

BLUE ROUTE Pudong Tour
Departs from the The Bund every 45 minutes from 09:45 until 17:00

The tour travels through the streets of Pudong where you will discover the magnificent skyscrapers in the heart of new Shanghai. The tour charts Pudong's rapid development and takes you to Shanghai's most famous building, the iconic Oriental Pearl Television Tower.

The tour will take you through the center of the Shanghai financial district, passing Jin Mao Tower and the city's tallest building, the Shanghai World Financial Centre. If you have a head for heights, you will be thrilled by the magnificent panorama visible from the Nanpu Bridge.

Use the hop-on, hop-off facility to take a break at one of the bars or restaurants in the Cool Docks area or hop-off at the Jin Mao Tower. You can enjoy breathtaking, panoramic views of the city from the world's highest observation platform located on the 88th floor.


Departs from People's Square every hour between 09:15 and 17:15

The tour takes in the Jing'an and Jade Buddha Temples, two of Shanghai's traditional Buddhist places of worship. Hop-off for a taste of the inner calm of an age-old Chinese temple.

The tour takes in the Shanghai museum, widely regarded as one of China's finest. Housed in an impressive modern building, the fascinating exhibitions lead the visitor on a journey through China's history.

Alternatively, enjoy the most prestigious designer shopping in the city along the Huai Hai and Nanjing Roads.

- Unlimited use of 48-hour ticket during operational hours

- Free one hour cruise along the Huangpu River

- Audio commentary in 8 languages (complimentary set of earphones are provided)

- Entry to Jin Mao Tower (88th floor, observation deck)

- Meals and drinks
- Personal expenses
- Tips and gratuities
- Optional activity costs

Huangpu River Cruise

Another way to take in all this scenery is from the deck of one of Shanghai's Huang Pu River sight-seeing cruises. It's easy to buy tickets and there's no reservation needed, boats leave throughout the day for the 1-1.5 hour cruise until about 4:30pm. You'll either board directly from the Bund Promenade or be taken by bus to another boarding spot nearby (north of the Bund). The cruise boats have open air decks above and closed decks below and also sell a number of refreshments.

Huangpu River Cruise and Bund City Lights Evening Tour is available.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Oriental Pearl TV Tower (Dongfang Mingzhu Guangbo Dianshi Ta)
The Oriental Pearl TV Tower once used to be the highest building in Shanghai, and It's certainly one of the most hyperbolic and striking features of the horizon.

The design aside (it has been compared to the sound of pearls, large and small, dropping onto a jade plate - a conceit borrowed from a poem), the tower has some pretty impressive stats. It's 468 m (1,535 ft) high and the third highest TV tower in the world - the highest in Asia. Only Jin Mao Tower and the World Finance Center dwarf it on Shanghai's horizon.

You can take a ride up the lifts to its observation deck - choose from the reasonable height or the vertigo level.

Practical Info
The TV Tower is in the Pudong District, facing the Bund. It's close to its big brothers, the Jin Mao Tower and the World Finance Center. To get there, take Line 2 of the Metro to the Lujiazui stop.

Shanghai Sightseeing

more info visit

Xin Tian Di
Xin Tian Di is where 'yesterday and tomorrow meet in Shanghai today'. It embodies the comfortable and convenient life of the 21st century, having all conveniences such as an automatic elevator, central air-conditioner and broadband network. Its boutique keeps in pace with international fashion. Also, the typical Shikumen buildings of old Shanghai seem to be telling people beautiful stories about the history and culture of the city.

Transportation: Shanghai Bus / Subway Search
Take bus 146 and get off at Xingye Road Madang Road Station, or take bus 781, Tunnel Line 8 and get off at Taicang Road South Chongqing Road Station.
Take City Sightseeing Bus and get off at Xin Tian Di.
Take Subway Line 1 and get off at South Huangpi Rd. Station. Get out from Exit 3 and walk southwards along South Huangpi Road.
Take Subway Line 10 and get off at Xintiandi Station. Get out from Exit 6 to Madang Road, then walk a bit to the north.

Shanghai Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

Shanghai's VeniceLocated in a suburb of Shanghai city, Zhujiajiao is an ancient water town well-known throughout the country, with a history of more than 1700 years. Covering an area of 47 square kilometers, the little fan-shaped town glimmers like a bright pearl in the landscape of lakes and mountains.

Endowed with another elegant name - 'Pearl Stream' - the little town is the best-preserved among the four ancient towns in Shanghai. Unique old bridges across bubbling streams, small rivers shaded by willow trees, and houses with courtyards attached all transport people who have been living amidst the bustle and hustle of the modern big city to a brand-new world full of antiquity, leisure and tranquillity.

Getting There:
1. Take tourism bus at Shanghai Stadium (Gate 5) or Hongkou Soccer Stadium in the morning.
2. Take Huzhu (Shanghai-Zhujiajiao) Special Line at Laochengdu Road Yan'an Road and get off at Zhujiajiao Station. The bus runs between 7:00 and 17:45 to Zhujiajiao every 10 minutes, and returns from 5:50 to 17:15.
3. Take Huzhu Express Line at People's Square Pu'an Road Jinling Road and arrive one hour later. There is a bus every half an hour.
4. Take Shangzhu Line at Shanghai South Railway Station or Shangtai Line at North Caixi Road Bus Terminus to Qingpu Bus Station first. Then there is a bus every 10 minutes to Zhujiajiao

Qibao Ancient Town

Located in the center of Minhang District of Shanghai, only 18 kilometers (11.18 miles) from the downtown area, Qibao Ancient Town can satisfy your curiosity about ancient water townships without the bother of either long distance or the rush of crowds.

As the only ancient town forming part of greater Shanghai, with a history spanning over one thousand years, Qibao is more than just a living fossil of ancient Chinese conurbation and urban planning. The town was built in Northern Song Dynasty (960-1126) and grew into a prosperous business center during Ming (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasties (1644-1911). Qibao is the Chinese for 'seven treasures' and there are two popular theories about its derivation. The more reliable one says that the name originates from the Qibao Temple, famed for its good reputation. It was this that contributed to the growth of business and culture of the previously unknown town. The other theory seems more popular among the local people who tell folk tales about seven treasures. These were an iron Buddha made in Ming Dynasty, a bronze bell also dating from the Ming Dynasty but said to have mysteriously appeared from nowhere, a Gold Script Lotus Sutra written by an imperial concubine of the 10th century, a one-thousand-year-old Chinese catalpa tree, a jade axe, a gold cockerel and a pair of jade chopsticks. Actually of these seven treasures, the existence of only first four can be verified while only the Scripture and the bell have survived to this day.

Getting There:Transportation: Shanghai Bus / Subway Search
By subway - Take Subway Line 9 and get off at Qibao Station. Leave from Exit 2 to the old town.

By bus - Take Bus 92 at Shanghai Stadium Subway Station; take bus Bus 763, Xinji Line, Xinhua Line at Xinzhuang Subway Station; take bus 92, 513 at Caobao Road Subway Station; or take bus 753 at Lianhua Road Subway Station, and then get off at Qibao Station. Other buses, such as no. 87, 91, 735, 748, 763, 803, Shangshe Line, Nanjia Line, Husong Line, Huchen Line also stop at Qibao Station.

Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory (上海环球金融中心观光厅)

Standing in the center of Lujiazui Finance Trade Zone in Pudong and neighbouring Shanghai Tower and Jinmao Tower. Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) was completed in August 28, 2008, being the second tallest skyscraper in mainland China. Having 101 floors with a height of 492 meters (about 1,614 feet), it ranked the top in the heights of roof and usable floor by the time when it was built, announced by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH).

Walking through the deck is an almost hallucinatory experience.  And it has see-through glass flooring.
SWFC-Observatory ticket price:F94: CNY120; F94, F97 and F100: CNY150 (Half of the price for children below 140cm tall and free of charge for kinds below 80cm tall)
Normal Opening Hours: 08:00-23:00 every day (last entry at 23:00)

Getting There:

By subway: Subway Line 2: get off at Dongchang Road Station, get out of the station from Exit 4; or get off at Lujiazui Station and get out of the station from Exit 6. Then walk 10 minutes towards the building.

By Ferry: Take ferry to Dongchang Road Pier and then walk 20 minutes to the building.
By Tunnel: Take Sightseeing Tunuel at the Bund and walk 20 minutes from the exit at Pudong side to SWFC.

The Bund
The Bund, also called Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (East Zhongshan 1st Road), is a famous waterfront and regarded as the symbol of Shanghai for hundreds of years. It is on the west bank of Huangpu River from the Waibaidu Bridge to Nanpu Bridge and winds 1500 meters (0.93 mile) in length. The most famous and attractive sight which is at the west side of the Bund are the 26 various buildings of different architectural styles including Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque, Classicism and the Renaissance.

Dongtai Lu antique market (东台路古玩街)

For anyone visiting Shanghai with time for only one market, this outdoor antique bazaar is a good bet.

It's in an enclave of hanging laundry, locals washing vegetables in the street and kids playing tag.

Just don't forget to bargain hard.

Many of the “antiques” aren't old, but they're fun.

Stands sell 1930s-style posters featuring glamorous smiling Shanghai ladies, or statuettes of Chairman Mao playing table tennis (RMB 50 after bargaining).

Dongtai Lu, near Liukehou Lu; 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Shi Liu Pu Fabric Market (十六铺面料城)

This three-story fabric market has almost every type of fabric, from cashmere to silk. Stalls are manned by experienced local tailors and seamstresses who speak fluent English.

Tailored clothes come at reasonable prices. Qipao (from RMB 250), shirts (from RMB 120) and suits (from RMB 300) are among the most popular items.

Some shops accept urgent orders and can deliver final products overnight at (amazingly) no extra charge.

Delivery service is available, but the stores need to be informed beforehand.

Shi Liu Pu Fabric Market, 168 Dongmen Lu, near Zhonghua Lu; +86 21 6330 1043; 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

City God Temple (城隍庙)

The City God Temple, or Cheng Huang Miao, is a 600-year-old Daoist temple in the heart of Shanghai’s Old Town. It houses the Cheng Huang God, the deity that protects local people.

The phrase also refers to the temple fair and commodity market near the shrine.

Although the temple can still be busy with pious religious followers, more people now come for the shopping.

Endless stalls sell everything Chinese, from chopstick gift sets to Peking/Sichuan opera mask bottle openers. It’s also the headquarters for Shanghainese snacks, from stinky tofu (臭豆腐) to five-flavor bean (五香豆).

The best time to visit the market is around Christmas, New Year and Lunar New Year when the whole area is blanketed with festive decorations.

City God Temple, 249 Fangbang Zhong Lu, near Anren Lu; +86 21 6328 4494; 5 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on the first and 15th days of the lunar calendar; 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. all other days; RMB 10

Tianshan Tea City (天山茶城)

This 23,000-square-meter, multi-level complex is completely devoted to Chinese cha.

More than 150 stalls sort, sell and brew tea from around the nation, but green tea (and all its variations) reigns supreme.

The market also sells a range of tea sets and kettles, from common porcelain to top-level Yixing clay teapots.

Friendly tea sellers will provide professional tips.

Tianshan Tea City, 518 Zhongshan Xi Lu, near Yuping Nan Lu; +86 21 6259 9999; 8:30 a.m.- 8:30 p.m.

Shanghai Old Museum - everythings you want to know about shanghai history

Located at the base of the Pearl tower, this museum is not crowded and gives a good overview of older Shanghai history. It has many dioramas with wax figures explaining most historical events and Shanghai architecture. It glosses over more modern history, including the Japanese Occupation and the Cultural Revolution.

this was a surprisingly excellent museum. If you like walking through recreated streets / buildings of the past -- getting a sense of Shanghai in the 1920's --, then you'll enjoy this museum! The quality of the exhibits and attention to detail were impressive

An amazing collection, perhaps only second to the National Palace Museum in Taipei. But you need four hours at least. And it's worth it.

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

“Skip that "attraction" from your trip schedule and save that money ...”
Reviewed September 19, 2013 NEW Today, we went for a standard round trip (ticket 70 CNY!!!!! per person) starting off on Pudong side heading for Puxi. First of all, the very short trip (2 minutes or slightly more?) does not offer you any latest features of modern technology. The applied led technology is most likely more than 10 years old and abolutely without any thrill for young and old. Once arrived in Puxi, we had to go upstairs (check-out) and check-in and finally go downstairs again (waste of time). Although there is a sticker that master card is accepted, the cashier insist on cash payment. Please note that in addition to the standard trip you can book additional - very expensive - features which maybe not worth the money as well.My only advise: Skip that so called "attraction" from your trip schedule and save that money ...

Shanghai Shopping

Shanghai is hailed as the "Shopping Paradise" and "Oriental Paris". So if you come to the city, shopping should not be missed any more than its other charming attractions. Providing the very best of shopping has become an indispensable part of the city's tourism industry.

Shopping areas in the city are clearly divided into "Four Streets and Four Cities". Nanjing Road (including East Nanjing Road and West Nanjing Road), one of the four streets, enjoys the reputation of No.1 Commercial Street in China. Developed from the beginning of the 20th century, Nanjing Road has clusters of a wide variety of shops from those that are centuries old, to special ones and modern malls.

In these modern times, Nanjing Road is not out done by its numerous competitors but becomes more and more prosperous. Huaihai Road, no less famous than Nanjing Road, is celebrated for its elegance. It features top-end designer brands from all over the world. North Sichuan Road offers good inexpensive merchandise and is always the first choice of ordinary people. Food and tourism are well provided for on Middle Tibet Road, one of the Four Streets.

Parkson Shopping Center on the Huaihai Road is worth visiting. Here you will find reasonable prices and many special offers in the form of discounts and other promotions. Even the brand-name clothing is reasonably priced here.

Maison Mode, located at No.1312, Huaihai Road, claims to be the aristocrat on this street. You will find the leading designer brands such as Gucci, Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Bally, Kenzo, etc. here. It is no exaggeration to say that the reputation of Huaihai Road is enhanced by the presence of Maison Mode.

Yuyuan Tourist Mart, Xujiahui Shopping City, New Shanghai Shopping City and Jiali Sleepless City are the bustling "Four Cities". Yuyuan Tourist Mart is the venue for specialist Chinese goods ranging from small articles, local crafts and the like to antiques, jade wares and gold and silver jewelry. The newly-established shopping and entertainment plaza, Xujiahui consists of large stores where you can obtain both costly and middle-range priced goods in abundance.

New Shanghai Shopping City is on the grand scale and offers the best facilities and amenities. Located in the middle of Pudong Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, it is surrounded by a variety of retail outlets. Like a bright pearl on the landscape, Jiali Sleepless City facing Shanghai Railway Station, and on the Subway line 1, is a bustling commercial area.

Shanghai Street/Market Shopping

Shopping in the markets of Shanghai
Plan your Shanghai tour? Shanghai is a shopping paradise in China. Although malls and shopping centers are becoming more popular, the majority of Shanghai residents still shop in markets. Markets make life easy for the shoppers If you are wondering where to shop in the markets in Shanghai during your short Shanghai tours, here is a listing of some popular markets and shopping streets for your quick reference.

Yuyuan Market ( Yuyuan Bazaar) (上海豫园商城 批发市场)

Located next to the Yu Garden and also known as the City God Temple market, Yuyuan market is a wonderful place to experience local life. If you want to look back on the bygone days of Shanghai. Yuyuan Market will lead you back to 100 years ago.

There are over a hundred stores and shops in this area, selling a mish-mash of items including Chinese medicine, walking sticks, silk umbrellas, bamboo and rattan furniture, goldfish, etc. Local people in Shanghai enjoy shopping here. They can find things unobtainable elsewhere and they dine at their favorite restaurants.

Add: 218 Anren Street, Huangpu District (around Yuyuan Garden), Shanghai 黄浦区安仁街132号(城隍庙内)

Tel: (021)63260830

Public Transport: take bus 930 from Poeple’s Square (人民广场) and get off at the 5th stop of Xinbeimen (新北门站), have a 5-minute walk to Yuyuan Garden ( also the market)

Dongtai Road Antique Market (东台路古玩市)

Dongtai Road Antique Market is a famous street both home and abroad for its antiques in Shanghai. Dongtai Road is an open market about 200 meters long with about 125 stores opened on both sides of the road.

There are antiques both real and fake, including ceramics, copper, jade, ancient coins, pocket watches, paintings and a host of other collectibles. It is getting hard now to find real antiques here. Many stalls sell many of the same and/or similar items, so shop around for the best price.

Add: Dong Tai Road, Shanghai 上海市卢湾区东台路浏河口路 Tel: 021-64393615

Hong Qiao New World Pearl Market (上海虹桥国际珍珠城)
Hong Qiao New World Pearl Market offers far more than just the pearls. It is an enormous shopping venue which is spread out over three floors and offers shoppers a large range of items.

You can find knock-off bags, scarves, Chinese junk and treasures on the first floor, and wares on the second floor. Remember to bargain hard with the vendors and don’t be afraid to walk away. Hong Qiao New World Pearl Market is the best place to shop for pearls for you.

Add: 3721 Hongmei Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 闵行区虹梅路3721号(近延安西路)
Tel: (021)62626278
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00

South Bund Fabric Market (南外滩轻纺面料市场)
South Bund Fabric Market, which is originally known as the Dongjiadu Fabric Market, is a three storey building full of fabric shops and tailors.

Walking into the South Bund Fabric Market, you may find yourself lost in a maze of hundreds of fabric stalls. Its great values are Qipao, cashmere coats and men’s shirts. Most of the cloths is cheap here. Many shops have their own in-house tailors who can stitch you a suit, or anything else you want.

Address: 399 Lujiabang Road, Shanghai 黄浦区陆家浜路399号(近南仓街)
Tel: (021)63775858
Opening Hours: 10:00-19:00

Qipu Road Clothing Market (上海七浦路服装批发市场)
Qipu Road clothing Market is the largest whole sale and retail clothing market in Shanghai which offers a massive number of men’s wear, women’s wear and children’s wear. It has a history of over 100 years.

There are various of products sold here, both for domestic market and international market, such as clothing, apparels, children’s clothes, underwear, skirts, shoes, jeans, T-shirts, bags, and other related products. You have the chance to grab the latest fashion at extremely low prices in this market.

Add: 168 & 183 Qipu Road, near Henan Bei Lu, Zhabei District 上海七浦路,闸北区,上海
Tel: 021-5102 0001
Hours: Daily 6:30am to 6:00pm

Yatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market (亚太新阳服饰礼品市场)- under the subway Science and Museum Station (similar to old Xiangyang market)
Yatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market (亚太新阳服饰礼品市场)
After that famous “fake” market-Xiangyang market closed its gates in 2006, many vendors relocated to Yatai Xinyang Market. The vendors in this market create their own brands instead of the former fake.

Please be careful with electronic products most are fakes !!!This market has (almost literally) everything you might be looking for: luggage, wallets, purses, watches, laser pointers, some electronics, silk(-ish) scrolls, silk and cashmere scarfs, souvenir chopsticks, glasses, pearl jewelry, tailored clothing (also T-shirts, sports jerseys, coats, etc), and tea and tea-sets, and so much more. There are reasons however that it's also called the "Fake Market".

The place is huge. It is very easy to reach because it is located just at the exit of the Science Museum Metro in Pudong. Hundreds of stores.

Don't waste time checking the authenticity, EVERYTHING IS FAKE.The final price of the goods depends on you patience to bargain.

Vendors here are reasonably honest but they’re trying to make as much money as they can. Just remember to bargain hard before you buy.

Add: Science and Technology Museum Metro Stop (Metro Line 2), Pudong, Shanghai 浦东新区世纪大道2002号地铁2号科技馆站内(近二号线上海科技馆站)
Hours: 10:00-18:00

Shanghai Green Antiques (biggest in Shanghai)

4877 Jiasong Middle Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai 201705, China

“Green Antiques - Guided Antiques Tour in Shanghai”
Reviewed October 7, 2012 My recent visit to Shanghai Green Antiques was a fun journey into China's past and present. The friendly English speaking showroom curator Jason spent nearly an hour with me strolling through their gigantic showroom, highlighting key antiquities, and explaining how Green Antiques was able to salvage such a fascinating collection of ancient Chinese carvings, corbels and architectural pieces. The shortened version of the interesting story is simply that China's rapid modernization took a toll on temples, ancient warlord palaces, Ming and Qing Dynasty officials' courtyard homes, and ancient towns and villages which stood in the way of wrecking ball progress.

I was told that the owners of Green Antiques, wanting to do their small part to help save China's architectural heritage, spent the past 30 years collecting countless carvings, corbels, beams, pillars, and other architectural works of art. They estimate millions of man-hours were spent by the finest carpenters and artisans of the day carving the pieces which are available to view and even purchase at Green Antiques. Some beautiful temple doors in the collection even have the large paper X pasted to the doors showing that the temple was scheduled for demolition.

The Green Antiques website claims that a trip to their showroom is as fun as a trip to the museum, and after visiting I have to say that I agree with them - one difference of course is that in this museum you can leave with your own piece of the collection!

Flower, Bird, Fish and Insect Market (上海花鸟市场)
As the most famous of its kinds in Shanghai, this market has everything that you expect to find. There are Spring’s orchid, Summer’s lotus, Autumn’s mum, and Winter’s plum, which are changeable following the seasons. All kinds of fish, birds together with the tools are also available. It’s worth the trip for the weird and unusual and you’ll take some great photos.

There are a handful bird and flower markets in Shanghai. I just name a few:

Cao’an flowers market (曹安路花卉市场)
Add: 2207, Wuning Road (near Daduhe Road) 武宁南路2207号(近

大渡河路)Wujiaochang birds and flowers market (五角场花鸟市场)
Add: 493 Guohe Road, Wujiaochang, near Changhai Road 地处五角场国和路493号,长海路口

Hongqiao birds and flowers market (虹桥花市)
Add: Opposite Shanghai Zoo

Yangpu Park birds and flowers market 杨浦公园花卉市场
Add: 701 Longchang Road 隆昌路701号

Weekly Friday Muslim Street Market (常德路上海穆斯林市场)
Weekly Friday Muslim Street Market, which is located in front of the Huxi Mosque, is a small area of street with roadside vendors gathered selling Muslim foods and products.

Weekly Friday Muslim Street Market is an interesting place to see some non-Han Chinese culture. Check out the different offerings, sample some street food and even have a wander around the mosque. Most of the vendors come from Xinjiang Province and their cuisine is very different from eastern China.

Add: 1328 Changde Lu, near Aomen Lu, Northern Jing’an District, Shanghai , 上海常德北路

Cybermart (赛博数码)
Shanghai Cybermart is located at Huaihai Middle Road, surrounded by a lot of famous department stores and office buildings. It is the most central and reliable location for all sorts of electronic and computer equipment, including DVD players, iPods, laptops, etc.

If you are a computer craze, you can come here and have a look. You can find any digital products of any brands in this mart. Generally speaking, Cybermart is a good place to go if you do not have time to go to Xu Jia Hui

Add: 1 Middle Huaihai Road, Shanghai 上海市淮海中路1号
Tel: 021-63855666
Hours: 10:00-20:00

Hong Kong Famous Shops Street (上海人民广场香港名街)
Located at Renmin Road, Hong Kong Famous Shops Street is Shanghai’s first underground shopping street filled with booths on both sides.

Young people like to shop here for unique and good-looking products, including clothes, bags, headgear and jewelry. Visitors need to bargain for a good price. With the establishment of more shopping centers of its kind and the increasing price of renting a booth, goods here are more expensive than other places, but it offers a good selection of what is “cool” and “in.”

Add: No. 9-99, Renmin Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai。上海人民广场
Tel: 021-63917770

How to get: Metro Line No.1, Metro Line No.2 (get off at People’s Square Station)

Shanghai Snack Street.

Shanghai is thronged with delicious food and snacks from all over China. Various kinds of local snacks have distinctive flavor. Food and dishes from other regions of the country are also authentic and popular. Do you have a good appetite? We will lead you to a number of snack streets clustered with restaurants and eateries. They will be sure to satisfy your one-stop tasting.

Famous Wu Jiang Snack Street is closed by the government.

Shanghai Old Town God Temple Snack Street
"Located in Huangpu District, the Old Town God Temple Snack Street is about ten minutes' walk away from the South Bund Area. It is an ideal dining place during your compact sightseeing schedule.

Old Town God Temple Snack Street 老城隍庙小吃街 (lǎo chéng huáng miào xiǎo chī jiē)
Located in Huangpu District, it is about ten minutes' walk away from the South Bund Area. It is an ideal dining place during your compact sightseeing schedule.

The Old Town God Temple area deserves the name of 'Shanghai Snack Kingdom'. It is a time-honored and the largest snack street featuring the most famous restaurants and eateries in Shanghai. In accordance with the architectural style of the nearby ancient Yuyuan Garden, restaurants here are all constructed following a style of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

In addition, a snack plaza of thousands of square meters is included. You can almost find all the local snacks here, including Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Buns, Crab-Yellow Pastries, Fried Stuffed Buns, Chop Rice Cakes, Vegetable Stuffed Buns, and Cream Spiced Beans. Various snacks of other areas in China are also available.

Recommended Restaurants:
Shanghai Classical Hotel 上海老饭店 (shàng hǎi lǎo fàn diàn)
Location: No.242, Fuyou Road, Huangpu District
Specialties: Authentic Benbang cuisines.
Lu Bo Lang绿波廊 (lǜ bō láng)
Location: No. 131, Yuyuan Road, Huangpu District
Specialties: Haipai cuisines and snacks.
Shanghai De Xing Guan 上海德兴馆 (shàng hǎi dé xīng guǎn)
Location: No.18, Bailing Road, Huangpu District
Specialties: Shanghai Benbang cuisines; various kinds of nutritious and restorative soup.
Chunfeng Songyue Vegetarian Restaurant 春风松月楼 (chūn fēng sōng yuè lóu)
Location: No.23, Bailing Road, Huangpu District
Specialties: Vegetable Stuffed Bun and various vegetarian dishes.
Nanxiang Mantou 南翔馒头店 (nán xiáng mán tou diàn)
Location: No. 85, Yuyuan Road, Huangpu District
Specialties: Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Bun.

South Yunnan Road 云南南路 (yún nán nán lù)
South Yunnan Road is an old food street located at the intersection of Yan'an Road and Xizang Road in Huangpu District. It is about ten minutes' walk from the People's Square and adjacent to Dashijie Amusement Park, so it is also called Dashijie Food Street.
Restaurants here are mainly Chinese ones, focusing on Shanghai cuisines and Sichuan cuisines. Some have Shandong or Jiangsu cuisines. Western restaurants and food can hardly be seen here, so South Yunnan Road is a good place for Chinese food lovers.
Recommended Restaurants:
Xiao Shaoxing 小绍兴 (xiǎo shào xīng)
Location: No.118, South Yunnan Road, Huangpu District
Specialties: Boiled Chicken; other local dishes.
Xiao Jinling Duck Restaurant 小金陵盐水鸭店 (xiǎo jīn líng yán shuǐ yā diàn)
Location: No.28, South Yunnan Road, Huangpu District
Specialties: Boiled Salted Duck; Jiangsu cuisines and snacks.
Xian De Lai 鲜得来 (xiān dé lái)
Location: No. 69, South Yunnan Road, Huangpu District
Specialties: Chop Rice Cake.
Flavor Lounge 香满楼 (xiāng mǎn lóu)
Location: No. 1, South Yunnan Road, Huangpu District
Specialties: Traditional Ningbo cuisines; local snacks.
Xianxia Road 仙霞路 (xiān xiá lù)
Xianxia Road food street is in Changning District, the west periphery area of the city zone. It extends to Zunyi Road to the east and boasts plenty of restaurants of different styles from hot pot restaurants to western cafes. You can easily find dishes of Shanghai, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia in this road.
Delicately furnished teahouses, cafes, and bars are another feature of Xianxia Road. The pleasant environment of these dining places attracts many youths and the prices are acceptable.
Recommended Restaurants:
Yonghe King 永和大王 (yǒng hé dà wáng)
Location: No. 619, Xianxia Road, Changning District
Specialties: Soybean milk; Taiwan cuisines and snacks.
Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore Italian Restaurant
Location: Hongqiao Shanghai City Food Street, No. 100, Zunyi Road, Changning District
Specialties: Italian chef and authentic Italian dishes.
Lisboa Restaurant 上海葡京茶餐厅 (shàng hǎi pú jīng chá cān tīng)
Location: 1F1-1 and 2F2-1, Tower B, Hongqiao Shanghai City, No. 100, Zunyi Road, Changning District
Specialties: Macao and Portuguese dishes.
Sweet Factory
Location: Unit 138, Hongqiao Shanghai City Food Street, No. 100, Zunyi Road, Changning District
Specialties: Cream Puff, Red Bean Pudding, and other sweeties.
Huanghe Road 黄河路 (huáng hé lù)
Huanghe Road Food Street is located near the People's Square in Huangpu District. It is packed with a large number of restaurants with distinctive dishes and reasonable prices. Local dishes and seafood are leading delicacies here.
Recommended Restaurants:
Tai Sheng Yuan 苔圣园酒家 (tái shèng yuán jiǔ jiā)
Location: No.50, Huanghe Road, Huangpu District
Specialties: Delicate fittings; Shanghai, Sichuan and Guangdong cuisines.
Lai Tian Hua 来天华 (lái tiān huá)
Location: No.159, Huanghe Road, Huangpu District
Specialties: Traditional Benbang cuisines; Guangdong cuisines.
Gong De Lin (Godly) Vegetable Diet Food Shop 功德林 (gōng dé lín)
Location: No.21, Huanghe Road, Huangpu District
Specialties: Vegetarian dishes and snacks.
Zhupu Road 乍浦路 (zhà pǔ lù)
It is located in Hongkou District, to the north of the Suzhou River and near the bustling North Sichuan Road Commercial Street. There are a number of restaurants along the 1000-meter Zhapu road, mainly featuring local dishes and cuisines of southern provinces in China such as Sichuan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong.
Recommended Restaurant:
Dingxiang 丁香饭店 (dīng xiāng fàn diàn)
Location: No.78, Zhapu Road, Hongkou District
Specialties: Benbang cuisine.
In addition, Huqingping Road in Minhang District is a good place to have seafood. Xin Tian Di in Huangpu District, Heshan Road and Grand Gateway in Xuhui District are also popular among gourmands.

Shanghai Hongqiao Station - FAST TRAIN Station(strongly recommended)
West of the Hongqiao Airport, Minhang District, Shanghai 200335, China

“Shanghai Hongqiao Station - FAST TRAIN Station - To Beijing”

Reviewed September 4, 2013 What a beautiful train stations. Looks more like an airport terminal. Similar in feel and also in practice. Waiting area is in a cavernous hall - like an airplane hanger. Trains and tracks are below. Escalators take you down to the platforms to board. Awesome display of technology. While most train stations in China are incredible crowded - this station...


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